Irish Writers

"You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul." -G B Shaw

James Joyce

1882 - 1941

“Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.”

Seán O’Casey

1880 – 1964

“I have found life an enjoyable, enchanting, active, sometimes terrifying experience, and I’ve enjoyed it completely. A lament in one ear, maybe, but always a song in the other.”

Samuel Beckett

1906 - 1989

“A story is not compulsory, just a life, that’s the mistake I made, one of the mistakes, to have wanted a story for myself, whereas life alone is enough.”

Waiting for Godot & Theatre of the Absurd

Waiting for Godot & Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd aims to present a view of the absurdity of the human condition. It does away with the concepts of drama, chronological plot, logical language, themes, and recognizable settings and creates a vision that is non-realistic and...

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Favourite Quotes

There are some ... on whom divine favour has bestowed the gift of contemplating, clearly and very distinctly, with scope of mind miraculously enlarged, in one and the same moment, as though under one ray of the sun, ever the whole circle of the whole earth, with the ocean and sky about it.

St Adomnan, Vita Columbae

There was a tall man sitting next to me, and he dressed in grey, and after the mass I asked him where he came from. ‘From Tir-na-nOg,’ says he. And where is that?’ I asked him. ‘It’s not far from you,’ he said; ‘it’s near the place where you live.’

Lady Augusta Gregory, Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

W B Yeats

W B Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his poetry, “ which gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation”. He emphasised that the award was intended to honour Irish literature, rather than himself as an individual.

High Crosses

The Irish practice of erecting decorative high crosses dates from as early as c400. They are almost always associated with the remains of great monasteries. Some crosses are situated around the outer edges of these monastic enclosures indicating that they

Round Towers

Irish round towers were built between from c500 to c1200 generally in the vicinity of monasteries and churches. Structurally they conform to a specific design unique to Ireland. Given their great height – up to 40m/130ft – and with four

Mother Goddess

For the pagan Celts, the essence of the universe and all its creativity was female. Danu – also known as Anu – was the earth goddess from whom all life emerged. She embodied the earth, rivers and sea. She offered


“Poetry has been at the core of the visionary experience from earliest times, creating the bridge of metaphor between daily life and the experiences that flow out of the Otherworld. The Celtic poet was much more than a versifier: he


“My dear, I write to you because I am thinking of you. As I sit by the fire I seem to see you like a star in a dark sky – my star, that one which I must follow. No

Wild Ireland

“The otter is top of the river food chain and are only present in oxygen-rich waters. If otters are present in a river, it is a sign that the whole food chain is there to support them. This is proof