Mother Goddess

For the pagan Celts, the essence of the universe and all its creativity was female. Danu – also known as Anu – was the earth goddess from whom all life emerged. She embodied the earth, rivers and sea. She offered fertility, abundance, regeneration and nurturing. She is considered the mother

High Crosses

The Irish practice of erecting decorative high crosses dates from as early as c400. They are almost always associated with the remains of great monasteries. Some crosses are situated around the outer edges of these monastic enclosures indicating that they may have functioned as boundary markers for such sites. Others

Round Towers

Irish round towers were built between from c500 to c1200 generally in the vicinity of monasteries and churches. Structurally they conform to a specific design unique to Ireland. Given their great height – up to 40m/130ft – and with four windows located at the top facing the cardinal compass points,