“My dear, I write to you because I am thinking of you. As I sit by the fire I seem to see you like a star in a dark sky – my star, that one which I must follow. No man has absorbed you as you have absorbed me and I am sorry, for it must be lonely to live in the dark, to see no star ahead of one. Other men have wives, children, religion, God. I have my star, an ideal, my ideal of light, loveliness and grace which I follow always and which I shall see shining when my eyes grow dim and spectacle is about to fade out of them for ever.

I am writing the Avignon episode, for it served to show me how inveterate my admiration and my love for you are. You are a hard woman in many ways, but if you were less hard I don’t think you would have held me captive such a long time; I do not complain of my captivity – good heavens no; it is the only allegiance I acknowledge and man without allegiance is like a ball of thistledown.”

– George Moore